It’s A Women s World What Am I Doing In IT

So, I am frequently asked why contemporary romance as my writing genre of choice.  After all, this is a genre of writing dominated by women.  So how as a man can I capture the angst of the heroine and transform it into a wonderful story.  The answer is simple, I take the approach of writing from the heroes perspective.  Not many men really have their story told.

I am a classical romantic.  I enjoy thinking about my male heroes outside the box.  They tend to be alpha males with a dark past that they are trying to overcome.  My first book was about a man who lost his wife and unborn child and his journey to love.  Book two follows the story of a Navy doctor whose fiancé died in his arms in the deserts of Afghanistan.

I challenge you to read the books from a male perspective and appreciate the problems that they experience and the difficulty they have finding love and overcoming the obstacles thrown in their way.

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